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Neil Robertson (CEO and Managing Director of the Ian Fuller Group)

Neil joined IFA in 1996, initially as Warehouse Manager, and then a sales Representative. He was transferred to Johannesburg in 2010 to be the Branch Manager of the largest warehouse in the Group. Neil was also appointed as a director of IFA in August 2012. In September 2013 Neil accepted the position of CEO and Managing Director of the Ian Fuller Group.

Craig Poulton (Branch Manager Cape Town)

Following a period in banking and Office machinery sales, Craig joined IFA in 1993, and was transferred to Cape Town in 1998 as Branch Manager.

Kalay Naidoo (Branch Manager Durban)

Kalay joined IFA in 1994 as a receptionist. After doing stints as stock controller and internal sales she became a sales rep for Durban Branch in 2010. Kalay accepted the position of Durban Branch Manager in 2014.

Simon Baillieu (Director)

Born in the UK, Simon has lived in South Africa since the early 70’s having been transferred here from Hong Kong. Simon’s involvement in the Timber Industry spans a total of 28 years, and this has included a number of value added entities such as sawmills and furniture manufacturing industries.

His export trading company, Baltraco, is now part of the Nkuni Holdings Group.

Simon is also involved in various CDM projects and establishment entities through his worldwide association with the Environmental Intermediaries Trading Group, EITG.

Paul Westcott (Chief Financial Officer)

Paul has been with the HR and Accounting Departments of a number of companies for over 40 years. He joined Lumber Marketing in 2000 as Financial Manager, and when Nkuni purchased the company, he took over as CFO of the greater Group.




Sales Offices

Office: 011 610 1700
Neil: 084 459 7775

Office: 031 569 3845
Kalay: 079 496 5911

Cape Town
Office: 021 534 6135
Craig: 084 459 7777

Port Elizabeth
Office: 041 484 1131

Office: 015 297 7059

Office: 013 758 1049

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